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It's never too early to contact the builder. We can help guide you through the initial stages of planning or, if you already have your plans and/or property, we can take it from there. Following is a general outline of how the construction process with Birchcrest Homes works.  

initial contact
  • Meet with the client to determine their general needs and expectations

  • Ascertain what stage the project is in 

  • Provide client with a guideline of the construction process and an estimated general time line

  • Select location (if applicable)

  • Obtain preliminary plans

  • Initial rough estimate

  • Create projected budget 

  • Down payment to secure slot in schedule 

  • Define client's needs and expectations in detail (wish list)  

  • Work with client and architect/designer to ensure plans fit with budget  

  • Finalize prints and engineering  

  • Visit suppliers 

  • Final cost estimate and detailed specification list  

  • Fixed price contract 

  • Develop construction schedule 

  • Client secures financing 

  • Surveys, home placement and permits

  • Site work - erosion control, access road, temporary utilities, rough grading 

  • Foundation - excavation, footings, foundation, slabs 

  • Framing - basic structure of house completed, windows, exterior doors     

  • Rough-in - plumbing, heating & air conditioning, electrical 

  • Finalize - material & finish choices selected by client 

  • Finish exterior - siding, roofing, masonry, exterior painting, decks, etc. 

  • Finish interior - insulation, drywall, interior trim, cabinetry, flooring, appliances, interior doors, interior painting, electrical, plumbing, heating & air conditioning

Complete project
  • Preliminary client & builder walk through 

  • Punch list items 

  • Final client & builder walk through 

  • Certificate of occupancy     

  • Client moves in

After the project
  • One year warranty on home and all components installed by contractor     

  • Provide homeowner with homeowners manual 

  • Birchcrest Homes will contact client for six month checkup 

  • Birchcrest Homes will contact client for one year checkup

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